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Sorta friends only zone.

Used for community writing and whatnot.


The plan.
Alli and Buffy alternate on who goes first.
I'm the last.
The ace in the hole.
The wild card.
The one people should fear.
Oh yeah, totally me.
Wicked isn't it?

What they can't handle, I will be more then happy to.

We're going to kick some ass today. I can feel it!


Can'tthough. Tomuchtodosomuchtogetdone.

Been training with Buffy, Terry & Alli, preparing for the Kumite Interdimensional Tournament. Should be fu.

I'm not in it for the money, just the challenge. And the possibility of learning new techs is a plus.

Drake's coming for moral support, that's my guy. Sil's coming for support and transport. She's our ride. One mass teleportation spell and we're there.


I think Buffy's starting to feel out of her element. She's picking up the basis of chi moves easily enough, but I don't think she has the control down. I know Alli has a few tricks, hell, I've taught her some, so she's a good contender.

As for me, I'll have every move that I see before we fight in my already impressive arsenal. Cheating? Nah. You use what you have. Can I help it if I'm that great?

Mai thinks she can beat me.

Ha! Fat chance ninja girl. I've got skill, power, experience and style over you any day.

Yeah, I'm this team's key to winning and I know it.

Do I mind? No reason to. I can guaruntee that if we don't win first, we'll sure as hell place in the top 3.

Meanwhile little miss ninja girl and her "gorgeous" team can cry in thier corner.

Ciao babes, I've got breakfast and then some drama classes to teach.


Thispartyisextremelykickass. I'mgladIdraggedDrake. He'sgettingussomedrinksrightnow.

This party has lasted on longer then I thought it would.

I saw the cops lurking around but I blasted them with a few energy rings and Bobby put them on ice for a bit. They aren't dead, but they are in a nice safe spot until someone can mind wipe them. Or bribe them. Whatever.

Hey, some bimbo is trying to get to my man. Excuse me, Ihavetokillhernow.


ButI'dliketo... err. Sorry.
But I'd like to humiliate Bobby for a moment.

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The best thing about being a teacher.

I get to torment my students with unimaginably hard and confusing tests.

While I spend the day surfing on my laptop.
I love it.
I get to torture them and get paid for it!

And with all the action around here, I'm never bored.

I get to play hero, actually have a girlfriend who doesn't wear pants that are 40 times her size, teach, annoy students, pull my usual pranks with my army of followers (maybe not army, but hey, I'm not picky) get summers off, and I get paid for teaching AND being a card carrying member of Sil's male harem.

Damn I love this easy life.

I can't be out done.

So yes I am writing in here. And I better not hear any teasing about this from anyone.

What did I do to day? I know after Raina's entry you're wondering.
Well I'm afraid I can't divulge that information. Most of you are too young to know.

I will say this, we worked up an appetite.
So at this moment, Raina is warming up leftover take out and we're going to settle nicely on the couch and watch celebrities die claymation deaths.

HA! Igotfirstdibsonthisjournal!

Rainahere, comingtoyoustraightfrommyapartmentatWeirdbardAcademy.
Aftermuchcuriousity, ItalkedBobbyintogettingajointjournalwithme. Imean, Silhasone, Sigmundhasone, Imp#13andhell, evenAllihasone!

I just realized how annoying that looks. I'm typing like I talk! I've got to stop that.

Oh, the adorable icy one is giving me some naughty looks. I think I've found something better to do now.