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spice_and_ice's Journal

Raina & Bobby

I'm Raina Daniels. The superhero known as Synergy.

And I'm Robert Drake. Just call me Bobby. Or if you want, Iceman.

Naturally you know who Drake is, but unless you've been to Weirdbard Academy, you've probably never heard of me.

So go look. She's one hell of an uber babe.

He's so cute when he's sucking up!

Thank you, it's a gift.

So, what should you know about us? Raina adores anything movie connected, she teaches Drama at Weirdbard Academy, and her powers are energy rings she blasts out of her hands. She gets them from absorbing different types of energy, like electricity, fire, magic etc. She can create small forcefields that have the same absorbing abilities and she has photographic reflexes. What Raina sees, she can do. She can kick Wolverine's ass. Just don't tell him I said that. She also likes to talk in run on sentences that never end.

Yep. Alotlikethisonehere, it'sabadhabitbutIloveitandit'sallme.
Bobby is Iceman from the X-Men. Cold and Ice, snow and chills, that's my guy. Bobby also teaches Accounting at Weirdbard Academy and enjoys tormenting his students. He's a prankster, a hero and likes being all mischievous and cute.

You're making me blush.

Oh I could make you do worse handsome. *wicked grin*

.......*looks around* Yeah.... okay we'll be going now. I'm going to put that offer to good use.

I never said it was an offer!

It is now.